"Dak'kon's ceremonial zerth armor. It is fashioned of interlocking metal rings, formed of the same substance that Dak'kon's blade is made of. (Unlike the blade, however, it does not appear that the armor changes based on the mental state of the wielder.) The armor is worn over a padded red tunic, and spiked bracers and shoulder pads have been added to give greater protection to the arms and upper body.
While Dak'kon's armor is similar to chain mail, it is lighter and more flexible, allowing him to wield his sword more effectively. It seems that when the sword and armor are used in tandem, the armor actually becomes lighter in weight and more flexible, more like cloth than chain mail. Whether this is a unique property of karach, or whether this is some magical effect of the two items, is unknown."

Effects Edit

Only equippable by Dak'kon, this armor provides:

Acquisition Edit

This is Dak'kon's personal armor. It is already equipped when he joins the party, and he is not willing to part with it, or replace it.

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