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Dak'kon, like all the other party members, can have interesting conversations about various topics, most often himself with the Nameless One.

Not only is there is experience and alignment adjustments to be gained through these conversations, but Dak'kon's morale can be improved or worsened, which affects the upgrades to his blade.

This article is a guide to conversations with Dak'kon.

Initiating conversation[]

To speak with Dak'kon when he is in the party, right click on the ground to bring up the radial menu, select the dialogue cursor and click on Dak'kon.

Upon recruiting Dak'kon[]

In the Smoldering Corpse Bar, when the conversation with Dak'kon turns to the city of Sigil, Dak'kon asserts that it doesn't *know* itself. If TNO has more than 13 points in either Wisdom or Intelligence, he can also state various Truths about the city, which can impact TNO's alignment. With 14 Intelligence, TNO can respond to his following question by implying that Dak'kon himself might be flawed.

Then, TNO has the opportunity to say that we *know* ourselves through questions, which Dak'kon recognizes as his own words, and prompt Dak'kon to offer to join the party.

  • 500 XP for telling him that we only *know* ourselves through questions.
  • 1,000 XP for allowing him to join the party.
  • Chaotic: Stating that the city is *not* flawed as something need not be ordered to have a purpose.
  • Lawful: Stating that the city is *not* flawed because maybe he just doesn't see the purpose.

On the githzerai[]

TNO can learn a bit about the githzerai from Dak'kon. Topics include his people, the emphasis on *knowing*, and his karach blade.

  • 600 XP for learning a bit of the githzerai language.

Dak'kon's past[]

There are several ways of getting this conversation line started:

  • After learning a bit of the githzerai language from Dak'kon, TNO can initiate a conversation with a githzerai townsperson wandering around the Hive, and listen in on Dak'kon's conversation with them. Afterwards, TNO can ask Dak'kon about what the expression he used means ("T'cha's choice").
  • After returning from Pharod, going to Fell's Tattoo Parlor, making Dak'kon translate what Fell says about the Nameless One's former companions. If TNO knows the Dabus language, or if he has 15 intelligence, he will notice that Dak'kon is lying. This leads to a conversation (described below) which leads to this conversation.
  • Kii'na mentions this specifically after the Yi'Minn event. (Verify if this alone prompts this conversation with Dak'kon)
  • 3,000 XP for learning that Dak'kon isn't a free man.
  • 6,000 XP for surrendering to the memory.

Former companions[]

This conversation is unlocked after meeting Pharod, TNO can go to Fell's Tattoo Parlor and learn about his previous incarnation's companions. If TNO knows the Dabus language, or has 15 intelligence, and asks Dak'kon to translate Fell's speech, he can realize that Dak'kon didn't translate the whole message, and with 15 wisdom, he can tell Dak'kon is lying and call him out about it, which grants experience based on TNO's stats. TNO will then learn about four former companions.

  • 250 XP if TNO loses his temper and orders Dak'kon to tell him, OR
  • 500 XP for convincing Dak'kon to tell TNO about it (requires 14 charisma or 15 intelligence), OR
  • 750 XP for convincing Dak'kon with 13+ wisdom

TNO can subsequently start a conversation with Dak'kon about these companions. He can first learn of Dak'kon's past. (See #Dak'kon's past above.)

TNO can then ask about his travels and former companions, which leads to the a memory in which TNO learns the name of the blind archer, Xachariah.

  • 3,000 XP for surrendering to the memory of Xachariah

On the previous incarnation[]

Asking him about TNO's previous incarnation leads to Dak'kon saying that he vowed to stay with him until his death, not realizing that he was immortal.

  • Good: Telling Dak'kon that TNO doesn't consider him a slave. (Improves Dak'kon's morale.)
  • Evil: Telling Dak'kon TNO is happy he has a slave. (Lowers Dak'kon's morale.)

The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon[]

After TNO has become a mage, he can study Dak'kon's Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon. After learning the Sixth Circle of Zerthimon, two spell plates fall out of it, revealing that Dak'kon doesn't *know* this circle. He has had a crisis of faith, unsettled by Zerthimon's use of treachery and his division of a people that was once one. He yells at TNO that he will never *know* the mind of Zerthimon, and puts and end to the conversation.

TNO can then continue with his study of the circles on his own, and report to Dak'kon. Once they both have learned the whole Circle, TNO has the opportunity to ask Dak'kon if it really helped him.

  • Good: Telling Dak'kon that he doesn't have to serve TNO anymore. (Increases Dak'kon's morale.)
  • Lawful: Vowing to help Dak'kon (he doesn't seem to like the vow, though it does not affect his morale).