The Dead Nations comprise an area adjacent to the Weeping Stone Catacombs.

Here, the dead have spontaneously risen, and zombies, ghouls and skeletons form a sort of society, ruled over by the Silent King. The Dead Nations are at war with the rat collective in the Warrens of Thought.

As soon as the party enters this area, they are confronted by a skeleton priest by the name of Hargrimm. The Nameless One can either fight them, which turns all the inhabitants hostile, makes the quests unavailable, and TNO more evil and chaotic, or surrender peacefully and become prisoner (which is the recommended course of action.)

Map Edit

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Dead nations map

Inhabitants Edit

There are several characters of note in this area:

And even a skeleton merchant:

Experience Edit

There are several ways of gaining experience in the Dead Nations, provided TNO has surrendered and not fought when first entering the area. See each individual character page for more detailed information on conversations and quests.

  • 2000 XP for finding and reading Soego's journal.
  • 3750 XP for telling Hargrimm about Soego.
  • 3750 XP for killing rats for Hargrimm.
  • 7500 XP either for getting Hargrim speak to the Silent King on TNO's behalf, or for getting the information about the portal to the Silent King's domain from Stale Mary.
  • 6250 XP for solving the Puzzled Skeleton's riddle, OR
  • 6250 XP for solving the riddle with the Riddling Skeleton.
  • 3750 XP for learning the Stories-Bones-Tell ability from Stale Mary.

Items Edit

There are a few items in the area.

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