Deionarra is a dead woman who followed one of the Nameless One's past incarnations, the Practical Incarnation, and loved him fiercely and beyond all reason. Her spirit now haunts the first floor of the Mortuary.

History Edit

The Practical Incarnation, calculating that her intense feelings for him would prevent her spirit from moving to one of the Outer Planes upon death, intended to sacrifice her in the Fortress of Regrets so that her tormented soul could act as his scout in that place where no living thing could survive for long.

The plan partially succeeded: though the Practical Incarnation was ultimately slain along with Deionarra, the player character's incarnation can obtain information and help from her spirit.

There is a memorial dedicated to her in the Northwest Memorial Hall of the First Floor of the Mortuary, presumably built by her grieving father, an Advocate residing in the Clerk's Ward of Sigil.

Involvement Edit

Mortuary First Floor Edit

The Ghost of Deionarra can be encountered on the first floor of the mortuary. She is bitter and hurt, but she can be calmed and persuaded to help with the right choice of words.

Asking her who she is, claiming to feel the stirrings of a memory and asking her all about who TNO is will grant:

Asking her to help find a way to leave the mortuary, telling her TNO is in danger and that he will come back to see her will soften her and she will reveal a way to leave. This grants:

  • 500 XP

Her parting words are a prophecy of things to come.

Alignment Edit

  • Evil & Chaotic: Lying, saying her name sounds familiar.

Quotes Edit

  • "I shall wait for you in death's halls, my Love..."

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