"This ivory ring was part of Deionarra's legacy. It radiates a slight glow, and though it is cold to the touch, the chill is strangely comforting. The ivory band stretches to fit the width of any finger.
"Among the many secrets of the Society of Sensation is the ability to shape a peculiar stone from Elysium, dubbed "soulstone". While this stone is not as powerful as the sensory stones, the soul stone is said to carry an imprint of the shaper's feelings. These rings are often used in Sensate marriage ceremonies, each ring inscribed with the feelings of the other. This ring was obviously intended for you."

Effects Edit

Usable only by The Nameless One, this ring grants:

The ring can be upgraded after Deionarra is encountered at the entrance to the Fortress of Regrets by showing her that the Nameless One has kept it. Its upgraded stats are as follows:

Acquisition Edit

Deionarra's Wedding Ring can be acquired at:

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