The Doomguard is one of the many factions in Sigil.


The sinkers believe that no matter what, at some point everything will come to an end. Nothing is meant to last, no matter how well-made. According to them, entropy should be embraced.

However, while all sinkers agree that entropy will inevitably cause the ultimate destruction of everything, the three sects of the Doomguard disagree about what they should do about it. The accelerationists believe that entropy is not happening fast enough, and do everything in their power to aid in the planes' destruction. The decelerationists believe that entropy is happening too fast and try to slow it down to a more reasonable rate. And the statists believe that it is foolish to try to force or hinder entropy in either direction – things will decay the way they are meant to.

Their headquarters is the Great Armory in The Lady's Ward, home to some of the finest — and deadliest — weaponry in all of Sigil.

Notable MembersEdit

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