The Drowned Nations, so called because of the waters seeping through it, are an extension of the Weeping Stone Catacombs, connected to both the Warrens of Thought and the Dead Nations.

This is the area in which both the Bronze Sphere and the Decanter of Endless Water can be found, both important items.

Access Edit

If coming from the Dead Nations, the Silent King must approve of the party's leaving, either by force, or through Hargrimm the Bleak or Stale Mary.

missing info for the Warrens of Thought.

Before entering the Tomb of the Nameless One, TNO should have as empty an inventory as possible, since companions will not follow into the tomb. They will rejoin the party when TNO exits the tomb.

Inhabitants Edit

Hostile creatures:

Map Edit

To view X, Y coordinates in-game, press L.

Click the map to enlarge it.

Drowned nations map

Items Edit

(X=2050 Y=420)

(X=3790 Y=1515)

(X=1325 Y=2400)

(X=1915 Y=2700)

(X=1600 Y=2200)

(X=700 Y=450)

(X=3200 Y=2675)

(X=575 Y=1150)

(X=3100 Y=830)

  • 371 Copper Commons

(X=4140 Y=2160)

(X=3700 Y=1275)

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