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Easter eggs are inside jokes or references that have been added to the game by the developers. This article is a list in progress, aiming to provide detailed information about the Easter eggs in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Video games Edit

Planescape: Torment Edit

  • The Changing God is sometimes referred to as "Adahn". This is a reference to Planescape: Torment, in which the Nameless One can repeatedly lie, introducing himself as Adahn, until Adahn becomes so real that he appears to converse with the protagonist.
  • The Bronze Sphere, a numenera which can be acquired from the mirror in the Buried Crossroads, is a reference to the original Bronze Sphere from Planescape: Torment.
  • O, who can be met in the Fifth Eye bar, is the same character who was in the Smoldering Corpse Bar in Planescape: Torment.
  • Talking to the floating head like construct in the Warehouse in the Lower Ward reveals the head is called "The Vault of the Ninth World" which is the name of the location where Tides of Numenera takes place.
  • One of the locations you can visit is the First Castoff's Tomb which is a reference to the Nameless Ones Tomb.
  • The giant monster skeleton in The Chamber of Bones looks like the one where Fhjull Forked-Tongue lives.
  • In the Oasis Fathom you can convince someone they don't exist causing them to disappear, much like one of the Nameless One's memories.
  • The Prestidigitator Cypher is a callback to Marrow-Friend from Ragpicker's Square, the pictures on the box show you're supposed to eat the finger and not replace one of your own.

In the Necropolis, there's a vault 2-2-1-3 in which you can find two easter eggs, the first one is a grave on which there's a description saying "Respawningpleasewait", and the other one is the grave next to it, which says "Yemeth" Which is a very interesting easter egg from the previous torment, in which Yemeth was one of the aliases of the main hero, and there was also a deleted quest called Pendant of Yemeth[1], the pendant which can be still found in the game files, but has no usage.

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