Ei-Vene is a tiefling putting her razor-sharp talon-like fingers to good use for the Dustmen, embalming and stitching up corpses.

Quests Edit

Thread and Embalming Fluid Edit

Mistaking The Nameless One for a zombie, Ei-Vene orders him to fetch some Needle and Thread and Embalming Fluid.

  • Needle and Thread can be removed with the scalpel from the zombie#506 in the same room (X=3130 Y=1033)
  • Embalming Fluid can be found at (X=3430 Y= 2140) or (X=3200 Y=2215)


  • Permanent +1 MaxHP and 250 XP for letting her stitch TNO up without "Pushing her away".
  • 250 XP for remembering an item in zombie#42.

Embalming Room Key Edit

The zombie-disguised Anarchist Vaxis in the next room will ask for an Embalming Room Key. Ei-Vene has it, and retrieving it from her grants 250 XP.

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