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"This metallic object resembles a clenched, eight fingered "hand" attached to a forearm. You snapped it of a metallic tendril that you encountered in the Reef of Fallen Worlds. It has a decent heft and balance, and its steely material is powerful enough to do significant damage, but its rough grip makes it clumsy to use."

Stats Edit

Medium Bashing Weapon

Stat Pool Used for Effort: Might

3 Physical Damage

Bonus Damage Per Level of Effort:3 (Max 9)

Weapon Range: Immediate (2m)

Increases Difficulty on Melee Attacks

Acquisition Edit

Can be torn off the black, hand-shaped metallic tendrils in the south of the Reef of Fallen Worlds, requires a might check, aided by the smashing skill. Failing the might check confers a permanent +1 increase to max HP.

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