Elemental Strike is a 4th Level Mage Spell unique to Ignus, that hurls globes of elemental force to an enemy.

"Globes of elemental force fly forth and explode upon impact. Those within range are caught in its blast wave as well."

Effects Edit

Like the magic missile, this spell creates a mystical globe of elemental energy, which will successfully hit its target for 2-8 pts. of damage, regardless of saving throw. It then explodes with a concussive blast that does 1 pt. of damage / level of the caster within a 3 ft. radius. If a saving throw is made, then this concussive damage is negated. The mage creates 1 missile at 7th, + an additional missile every 3rd level after 7th, for a max of 7 missiles.

Acquisition Edit

This spell is unique to Ignus, no one else can learn it.

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