"This vial of Elixir of Horrific Separation was compounded by a scholar who'd found she possessed a darker half - a side of her which took control, at times, and bade her do awful things. This potion was to have 'split' the darker half away from her, creating two separate beings. Mercykillers, however, found and executed her for a string of depraved murders before she could use it."

The Elixir of Horrific Separation is a quest item in Planescape: Torment.

Uses Edit

Can be used to separate Pestle and Kiln, two alchemists who have merged into one body, in their Apothecary in the Clerk's Ward. Rewards 6000 XP and 10 Clot Charms.

Acquisition Edit

Can be acquired from Vrischika's Curiosity Shoppe in the Clerk's Ward for 200 coppers.

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