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Erritis is a potential companion in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Constantly surrounded by a golden glow that he doesn't seem to notice, Erritis is a young adventurer with an enthusiastic disposition and an erratic impulsivity. He dreads boredom and always needs to be on the move, else the quiet creeps in and his thoughts catch up with him.

Recruiting Erritis Edit

Erritis can be found near the wreckage of the airship he crashed in Cliff's Edge while trying to fly to the Reef of Fallen Worlds where he saw a falling star land. In an effort to avoid boredom at all costs, he begs to join the party whether the Last Castoff confesses to being the star he was looking for or not.

Conversations Edit

Experience can be gained by conversing with Erritis.

  • 2 XP for asking why he said he didn't like mirrors, after asking about the other companions.
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