"The Eye's powers are said to shift with each new owner, but one thing is certain: no good ever comes from whoever has the misfortune to possess it. It is destined to betray its wearer at a critical moment, failing him when he needs its power the most."

The Eye of Vecna is an accessory in Planescape: Torment. Its use is restricted to the Nameless One.



The Eye of Vecna could be bought from Vrischika just after returning from Outer Planes.


Though a long tale, the item's in-game description tells of its interesting history.

A powerful mage, the arch-lich Vecna was very adept with magic concerning life and death - so talented that death itself refused to take him. He became the malevolent leader of a kingdom, but none dared rise against him for fear of his magic.

So it was until he crafted a treacherous weapon for his lieutenant, Kas. The weapon was said to have part of Vecna within it, and that is where its horrible nature came from. It spoke to Kas for years, instilling within him an ambitious nature that eventually led to Vecna's death at Kas' own hand. It led to Kas' death, as well.

And so Vecna's remains were scattered across the planes, bringing misery with them where they went.

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