A faction is an organized group of like-minded individuals built around a core philosophical belief. There are fifteen factions in the Planescape setting, though only five can be joined by The Nameless One.

According to Able Ponder-Thought, there were once forty-nine factions in Sigil. At some point, the Lady of Pain declared that only fifteen should remain. Shortly thereafter, everyone who was not a member of one of the chosen factions wound up dead. This event came to be known as the Great Upheaval.

Joining a factionEdit

A faction can be joined after its faction recruiter has been spoken to about membership and any assigned tasks or quests have been completed.

If the Nameless One is already a member of a faction, joining a different one will result in the loss of the original faction's benefits.

Swearing allegiance to a faction grants access to weapons, equipment, and other items unavailable elsewhere.


Joinable factionsEdit

Other factionsEdit

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