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Fall-from-Grace is a succubus, one of the tanar'ri, a creature literally formed of raw chaos and evil, her body and mind the perfect template to tempt a man of any species, any age. She is the proprietress of the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts. Fall-from-Grace is a Lawful Neutral character that can be recruited to The Nameless One's party.


One of thousands of children, Fall-from-Grace was sold by her mother, Red Shroud, to the baatezu, the tanar'ri's mortal enemies. After suffering years of mental torture, she was able to best her baatezu masters in a contest of innovation and won herself her freedom


Fall-from-Grace is a creature of contradictions. She is a cleric but worships no god. She is formed from pure chaos and evil, but is lawful neutral with a good bent. She runs a Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts. Perhaps the oddest of all, she is a beautiful succubus, but is by all appearances chaste. While many in-game characters are quick to indicate her heritage and proclaim that she must have some sort of demonic and evil scheme, no such plot on her part is ever indicated. Although she can only inflict physical damage with her touch, she can also kill with a kiss. She cannot stand the feel of metal and is, therefore, unable to utilize any sort of weapons, a nod to the Tanar'ri traditional weakness to cold iron in D&D.

Recruiting Fall-from-Grace[]

Grace joins the party at level seven, regardless of party level. She is the only available healer, starting with Level 4 and below Priest spells. Furthermore, she is the only party member, aside from The Nameless One, that is able to resurrect fallen party members.

Grace on the equip screen

Fall-from-Grace can be found during the mid-game at her Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts in the Clerk's Ward. If the Nameless One has a relatively high amount of intelligence and charisma, it will be easy to convince Grace to leave her brothel to journey with him to the other planes. Lower stats will require following along and exploring more of her dialogue to achieve that.

While the conversations with Dak'kon and Annah and Ignus after they join all expand on or resolve aspects of those characters' lives, the conversation with Grace leads to revelations about Morte. She mentions that he has the smell of Baator about him, and is sceptical of his claims of being a Mimir. Questioning Morte about this gives him upgrades. Presumably, this may not happen if the player has not directed TNO to question the man in the southwest of the Hive Marketplace.

Grace is a member of the Society of Sensation and is also a potential love interest for The Nameless One. The quest is fulfilling from a role-playing aspect, although the lethality of her kiss prevents a more physical relationship. (If The Nameless One's Wisdom is low enough, the player should have access to an option to kiss her during a dialogue branch after she joins the party. The results are predictably lethal).


Initial 42/42 2 16 13 16 16 16 16 19


Fall-from-Grace has Lore skill as her specialization and can identify many magical items, reducing the need for Identify spells, paying 100 Copper commons to merchants, or the Charm of Infinite Recall.

Grace can be questioned about the other party members in a similar way to the possessed club weapon The Justifier and the now-undead companion of a previous incarnation of The Nameless One, Xachariah.


The AI governing Grace's healing can be turned off, (and attack can be turned back on for the other characters? confirm and explain). This is not recommended, see below. The AI may lead her to rush forward into combat to heal others, and thus expose herself to attack.

The AI pauses for a short time between characters becoming damaged and healing. It will only heal with the lowest available spell, when the target is significantly more damaged than the spell will heal. Even at her starting level, this not only means that characters are not fully healed, but as the lower level spells are used up, they can be very poorly healed, using only the AI. The player must choose between leaving them unhealed, effectively lowering the party's HP max by a large value, or Overkill, that is to say, using more power than is necessary, wasting heal points.

It is not recommended to turn off AI, and it is not recommended to let Grace heal either. The player should manually choose the highest spells that can be used without overkill.


Main article: Kiting

The optimal activity for Grace, (admittedly not always possible; defaulting to manual or even AI control) is to be a decoy, a form of Crowd Control, which after all is the best kind of damage control; why heal damage when you can prevent it? With the game pausable at any time by right-clicking, it is fairly easy to learn where she can be directed to go to attract melee enemies' attention without being damaged, leading them away from ongoing melee battles. She will thus be occupied fully and her AI will not engage; what is normally a drawback, that her healing has a cooldown, then becomes an advantage, as the player has time to assume manual control.


Main article: Fall-from-Grace/Conversation

Fall-from-Grace, like all the other party members, can have interesting conversations about various topics with the Nameless One.

There are experience and alignment adjustments to be gained through these conversations, and some conversation options lead to a change in her morale.

Animation and dialogue[]

Main article: Fall-from-Grace/Banter

In addition to unique fighting moves, each character has their own running animation, 'breathing' animation, and intermittent 'fidget' animation.

  • 'Fidget' animation: Grace stretches her right arm upwards, and her wings swing to the front, unfurling slightly

All characters have at least one 'selection' response, and at least one 'command confirmation' response. Most have a 'miss' comment, and a 'critical hit' comment. They have an appeal when they are at very low HP, less than 15%, and when they die. And they all have a 'level up' comment.

After a period of no activity by the player with mouse or keyboard, characters will randomly speak 'bored' pronouncements. They will occasionally speak dialogue expressing their mood or sentiments, particularly in relation to other companions, or a particular location. And they will engage in conversations with certain of their fellow party members.[1]

Nine students[]

Concept art for Fall-from-Grace

Main article: Nine students

TNO must find Grace's ten students before she will travel with him.

Nine students that all start in their rooms on the outer edge of a circular hallway. Use the L key to find the location numbers

  • Juliette 500, 1330
  • Vivian 1400, 1325 / left side
  • Nenny 300, 950 is the main witness, to whom TNO will return often to advance the quest. TNO allowing her to vent her frustrations does not hurt a bit
  • Ecco 580, 560. She will not communicate at all at first; will use sign language after speaking with Dolora
  • Marissa 2050, 330.
  • Dolora roams the middle of the brothel. 18 Int to get the best rewards from her game and debate.
  • Kimasxi Adder-Tongue 2500, 1340
  • Yves 2030, 1590. Grace does not have a tale to tell her after she joins, but the rest of the companions do
  • Kessai-Serris

One trip outside the Brothel into the Lower Ward (optional), Clerk's Ward, the Civic Festhall, the Art and Curio Galleria, and the Curiosity Shop can suffice, see Nine students:


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