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Fall-from-Grace, like the other companions, speaks at random intervals[1] to acknowledge her selection, to announce that she has leveled up, to express her mood or feelings about the other companions, to complain about missing her target while attacking, to warn that she is about to die, or simply to show that she is bored. She also has some conversations with other companions.

Fall-from-Grace is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Note: Banter with other companions in the original game is rare and it is possible to miss the vast majority of it (only 12 out of the 78 fully-voiced banters play).[2] Qwinn's Tweak Pack contains a banter accelerator that fixes this problem, allowing most of the conversations to appear in one playthrough. Banter is usually initiated after resting or travelling.

Voice files[edit | edit source]

  • Selection: "Yes?", "How may I help?", "I'm listening.", "I'm here.", "Hmm?", "Yes? What did you wish?"
  • Command: "Very well.", "It shall be done.", "A pleasure."
  • Removed from party: "Very well. I shall remain here until you return."
  • Added to party: "Would you like me to travel with you again?"
  • Level Up: "Experience has increased my skills."
  • Bored pronouncement: "Is everyone ready to go?"
  • Moody: None

When the player repeatedly selects her (such as hitting the number keys over and over):

  • "Try to arise over the merely carnal and see the universe for more than it is."
  • "Please, sir. Watch yourself."
  • "I'm trying to concentrate here."
  • "Hmph. Simple minds, simple pleasures."

Combat comments[edit | edit source]

  • Critical miss: "I'm a little out of practice, it seems."
  • Critical hit: "Playtime is over"
  • Appeal: "I fear I've been wounded."
  • Target immune to weapon: "There is nothing I can do." (Vanilla), "I cannot wound it." (Fixpack 4.0)
  • Death: (bugged, fixed in Fixpack 4.0) "Forgive me."

Death and resurrection comments[edit | edit source]

Upon the Nameless One's death in combat:

  • "And again death attempts to claim you."

Upon Annah's death in combat:

  • "Not Annah!"

Upon Morte's death in combat:

  • "Oh, Morte."
  • "Morte!"

Upon Dak'kon's death in combat:

  • "Follow Zerthimon's path, Dak'kon."

Upon Nordom's death in combat:

  • "Nordom!"

Upon Ignus' death in combat:

  • "May you rest in peace, Ignus."
  • "May death calm your fiery heart, Ignus."
  • "Be at peace, Ignus."

Upon Vhailor's death in combat:

  • "I hope your heart now finds solace, Vhailor."
  • "Be at peace, Vhailor."

Upon the Nameless One's resurrection:

  • "Are you all right?"
  • "How do you feel?"
  • "I'm relieved. You weren't breathing."
  • "At last. Are you all right?"

Equipment remarks[edit | edit source]

Characters also have 'Inventory full', 'Encumbered, cannot run', 'Encumbered, cannot move', 'Bash success', 'Bash fail', 'Target immune to weapon', a comment when they leave the party, a statement when approached again after they have been removed from the party, and a greeting when they rejoin the party[1]

  • Inventory full, item dropped: "I didn't have room for it so I was forced to drop it."
  • Encumbered, cannot run: "I'm carrying too much."
  • Encumbered, cannot move: "I'm carrying too much."

If the player attempts to remove her default equipped items:

  • "Touch" weapon: "Watch the hands, sir."
  • Armor: "I do not think we know each other well enough."
  • Armor: "I'm afraid that if you were to remove that... I would be naked."
  • Armor: "I'm afraid that is the only article of clothing I have brought with me."
  • Armor: "I only remove my clothes when... well, actually... never."
  • Diary: "That item is important to me. I cannot part with it."

If the player tries to equip:

  • A ring: "Does this mean we are engaged?"
  • A ring: "A ring without a proposal? How improper."

Location remarks[edit | edit source]

  • Hive (day): "There is much to be learned from all parts of society."
  • Fell's Tattoo Parlor (first entrance): "This is one of Fell's studios, is it not? I have long wanted to meet him."
  • Lower Ward: "The air is quite... bracing here."
  • Ravel's Maze: "The black barbs covering these trees are quite fascinating."
  • Baator: "We should make haste while in this place."
  • Rubikon: "What a curious construct this is."
  • Fortress of Regrets: "I fear that not all of us shall return from this place."
  • Curst: "Curst is a prison town filled with betrayers in words and deeds. We must take care and watch each other."
  • Carceri: "This is terrible. We must set things right."

Fall-from-Grace and Annah[edit | edit source]

Grace: Annah, were you raised in The Hive?
Annah: Mind yer own business, Succubus, I've nothin' to say to ya.
Grace: Very well, then.
Annah: So... how long will you be travelling with us, Succubus?
Grace: As long as I am permitted, I suppose.
Annah: Well, yer not permitted. I don't trust ye.
Annah: So, uh, when are ya headin' back to yer knockin' shop, Succubus?
Grace: I don't know if I will be going back.
Annah: Well...? It's where ye belong, so maybe ye should!
Annah: Yeh better watch yerself Succubus. You step outta line, start huntin' for souls, yeh'll catch me blades.
Grace: I'll be careful. I assure you I have no such hungers.
Annah: Well, I would take yeh at your word, but since ye succubi are all perfumed, lying harlots, I won't.
Grace: Very well, then.
Annah: I donnae trust that succubus. She's a fiend, so she is! They're all a-like, waiting for yeh tae to drop yer guard before sinking her teeth into yer neck. Don't ye be takin' yer eye off that fat slat, or she'll turn on ya faster than yeh can blink. All fiends are like that, so they are.
Grace: Not all of us, Annah. I would encourage you to be more open minded. You have fiend blood as well and you have many good qualities.
Annah: You just keep away from me. Fact, maybe you should keep away from all of us.
Annah: I've had enough o' you and her. Go on, travel with her then, if ye like her company, I'll have nothin' more to do with ye.
Grace: Annah, jealousy is a two-edged blade. If you kee-
Annah: Jealous? I'm not jealous! I don't even know how to spell jealous. I just don't trust ye... and none of us do!
Annah: How much longer are ye gonna be draggin' yerself with us, Succubus?
Grace: Annah, look, we should-
Annah: Oh don't you, 'Annah look' me, ya black hearted harlot, I'll carve yeh, so I will! Always puttin' on yer airs with yer fine clothes and yer nose up in the air -- I've had enough of yeh! Yeh can burn for all I care!
Grace: Annah, perhaps we should talk.
Annah: I've got nothin' to say to ye, succubus.
Grace: Very well, then.

Fall-from-Grace and Dak'kon[edit | edit source]

Grace: Your combat skills are most impressive, Dak'kon.
Dak'kon: They are but specks upon Zerthimon's path.
Grace: Your mastery of discipline is impressive, Dak'kon.
Dak'kon: In the eyes of Zerthimon, I am nothing.
Grace: Surely you are being too harsh on yourself.
Dak'kon: A long road must I still travel. This is but the beginning.

Fall-from-Grace and Morte[edit | edit source]

Grace: Your verbal skills are quite potent. I should have you spend some time at the Brothel when we get back.
Morte: Oh, the Gods are merciful!
Grace: Morte, I must confess, I'm curious as to how you became a floating skull.
Morte: It's a long story involving the head of Vecna. I don't want to talk about it.
Grace: (amused) That was you?
Morte: Could we *please* change the subject?
Morte: So, Grace... you uh, have any sisters?
Grace: Thousands.
Morte: Give me a moment to be delirious with joy.
Grace: I'm curious, what happened to your body?
Morte: Me? I'm the head of Vecna.
Grace: Morte, what are you again? I don't believe you ever said.
Morte: Me? I'm 'le petit Morte'.

Fall-from-Grace and Nordom[edit | edit source]

Grace: You know, Nordom, you are perhaps the cutest little rogue modron I have ever encountered.
Nordom: 'Cutest' is a subjective term. I prefer the designation 'fearsome cubed warrior'.
Grace: Of course! That's why you're so cute.
Grace: Nordom, you're a quadrone Modron, correct? Where are your wings?
Nordom: Where once there were two wings, there are now two arms. I do not know why I lost my wings.
Grace: It's like you're a little fallen angel.
Nordom: The theme of 'falling from grace with one's people' coupled with my loss of wings is something that I had perceived and catalogued. I have observed it mirrored in many individuals that I interact with. (probable reference to Trias)
Grace: Nordom, are you speaking to your crossbows?
Nordom: Negatory.
Grace: Oh, that's a relief. I thought that-
Nordom: I am not speaking to them, I am listening to them. They were submitting queries as to when they will get to shoot something.
Grace: Oh.
Grace: Nordom, how does it feel to be separated from the Source, from other modrons?
Nordom: Once I was 'one'. Now I am 'one', but it is a smaller, louder 'one'.
Grace: It seems you and Morte have much more in common than I first thought.
Nordom: Attention: Fall-From-Grace. I wish to address your body.
Grace: Pardon me?
Nordom: Your body. Your form. Your reason for selecting it. Why?
Grace: Why... I suppose I find it comforting. Besides, I rather like the wings.
Nordom: It would be more practical for you to assume the form of a modron. It is 13.27% more efficient. Give or take +5.2%.
Grace: Why Nordom, are you trying to court me?
Nordom: It was not my intention to initiate legal action against you.
Nordom: I estimate Fall-from-Grace to be found attractive by the male sex of 321,423 separate species. Give or take five.
Grace: Oh? Does that include modrons?
Nordom: I am no longer able to answer that question. I do not know.

If Morte is in the party:

Nordom: Attention: Fall-From-Grace. Do you exert optical gravity?
Grace: Pardon me?
Nordom: I have perceived you exert a field that forces others to follow you with their eyes. They lack the muscle control to turn away.
Morte: It's purely voluntary on their part, you idiot. Uh... not that I would know.
Nordom: Fall-From-Grace, is it true that 'every woman thinks floating skulls are hot stuff?'
Grace: Why, whoever told you *that*, dear Nordom?
Morte: No one! No one told him that!

Fall-from-Grace and Vhailor[edit | edit source]

Vhailor: Is your piousness atonement for your sins against mortals, succubus?
Grace: Such sins break no tan'arri law, Vhailor. My path is my own, and one of free choice, not punishment.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the fact that Annah is intimidated by her and shows her no affection, Grace's reaction to Annah dying ("Not Annah!") is more emotional than her reaction to other party member deaths.
  • As a spell caster, Fall-from-Grace has spellcasting voice files: "May my faith lend me strength." and "Shiahwasey" (Shiawase, Japanese for "Happiness", is pronounced the same way, shee'ah wah-say'). It is not inconceivable that Grace the Sensate heals with the power of Happiness, but since it is not a direct reference to healing, it could be merely a coincidence.

Unused files[edit | edit source]

There are many files that were created for the game and never used, files that are in the game engine and were never used, and files that were not implemented at release but have been restored by patches.[1]

Notable unused voice files for Fall-from-Grace are:[1]

  • FFG193: "I think you hide from yourself by dying. Do you hate life that much?"
  • FFG072: "I don't think anything has walked on these flagstones for several lifetimes."
  • FFG023: "Your actions have harmed many. Take care they do not harm anyone else from here on."

References[edit | edit source]

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