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Fallen to Earth is the first main quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera. Along with Stop the Sorrow, this quest focuses on finding a way to fix the Resonance Chamber as the only hope for the Last Castoff to defeat the Sorrow.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is received automatically at the beginning of the game.

Walkthrough Edit

The Broken Dome where the Last Castoff fell to earth in the Reef of Fallen Worlds houses the Resonance Chamber, which is rumored to be the only hope for defeating the Sorrow. The Resonance Chamber was shattered on impact. Aligern and Callistege both have an idea who might know how to fix it. Aligern suggest the Cultists of the Changing God might know something about it, while Callistege thinks the Order of Truth would be a better bet.

Cult of the Changing God: Repairing the Clock Edit

The Cult of the Changing God can be found in Circus Minor. They immediately recognize the Last Castoff and Casmeen and Mimeon, the leaders of the Sagus Cliffs branch of the cult ask for a favor before divulging any information: For the Last Castoff to try to repair the Clock behind them, that was built by the Changing God. They have tried countless times to no avail, and hope that a castoff might remember something others cannot.

Examining the clock activates three nearby devices, two located between Cultists' tents to the left and right, and one in the center of the Cult's encampment. Each device holds a vision of a time in Sagus Cliffs past and images of the three memories uncovered at the very beginning of the game float on their surface. One of the three memories must be locked in to the device that matches their place in time:

  • The device to the east shows an ancient vision of Sagus, with buildings that have long since been destroyed. This corresponds to the thousand year old memory of a besieged city.
  • The device to the west shows a very different square, but some buildings are similar. (One building is the one described by Jherem, giving a clue to the place in time of the vision.) The memory of the lush valley corresponds to this device.
  • The device in the center shows a recent vision of the square, with young versions of several of the people around. It corresponds to the most recent memory of the underwater city.

Reward: 3XP for fixing the clock and making it substantial again.

After attempting to interact with the shadows in the clock, the Last Castoff is sucked into the Labyrinth of their mind, and meets the three other castoffs that were in the clock. Finding a way out is only possible through talking with the three castoffs, who encourage the Last Castoff to find a Focus.

Reward: 100 XP for concentrating on finding a Focus.

Though not the result they hoped for, Casmeen and Mimeon uphold their end of the bargain and direct the Last Castoff to search for another castoff that worked on building the Resonance Chamber with the Changing God. They think Matkina, yet another castoff in the Underbelly, might know who he is and where to find him.

New Quest: The Cold, Calculating Jack

Order of Truth Edit

Alternatively, the Last Castoff can go to the Order of Truth and speak with Salimeri. This path requires the completion of another quest, given by Salimeri: The Anechoic Lazaret (this quest can be done as part of this one, or separately, even if 'Fallen to Earth' has already been completed via the Cult of the Changing God path). Walkthrough coming soon