A fettle is a status effect in Torment: Tides of Numenera. It represents lingering conditions and effects, either positive (i.e. Energized), negative (i.e. Dazed) or neutral (i.e. Hidden) that affect player characters in and out of combat.

Positive Fettles Edit

Fettle Effect Caused by
Energized Converts all damage to the chosen damage type and adds minor additional effects.
Phased +1 Physical Resistance, +1 Energy Resistance, +1 Chemical Resistance, -1 Transdimensional Resistance
Protected +1 Physical Resistance

Negative Fettles Edit

Fettle Effect Caused by
Compelled Compelled to attack the enemy who conferred this fettle if they are in range.
Dazed -30% movement speed. Medium penalties on all tasks.
Demoralized Medium penalty on all tasks.
Enthralled Enthralled by an enemy, forced to fight on the enemy's side.
Vulnerable -1 Physical Resistance

Neutral Fettles Edit

Fettle Effect Caused by
Hidden Has entered stealth mode, cannot be detected by enemies unless enemies manage a check.