"Feh!" —Fhjull Forked-Tongue

Fhjull Forked-Tongue is a cornugon living in the Outlands.

Once, he was an advocate in Baator. After being tricked by Trias, Fhjull signed a contract that has since forced him to do good deeds and help others. It will only end with Trias' death.

As punishment for this, Fhjull's fellow baatezu destroyed his wings, broke off his horns, and banished him. He has hidden away in the Outlands under the skeleton of UI-Goris, since the skeleton radiates an enchantment that helps prevent him from being found by any who seek him.

Though he's not happy to do so, he will answer questions for the Nameless One and can be asked for aid. The Nameless One and his companions can also rest in his home.

Quest involvementEdit

If asked about the Nameless One's mortality, Fhjull reveals that it is likely in the Fortress of Regrets. Unfortunately, he doesn't know where that is. He suggests asking the Pillar of Skulls, in Avernus (350,000 XP).

Be sure to ask Fhjull how to *leave* Avernus afterward, or else the Pillar of Skulls will have to be asked. Asking him requires wisdom 16 or intelligence 18, and grants 100,000 XP.

If Fhjull's location is revealed to the Pillar, he will be attacked by some Baatezu (a Cornugon and some Abishai) when the Nameless One returns to the Outlands and speaks to him. He can still be saved, though he won't be happy about the betrayal. Regardless, he will still open a portal leading to Curst so the Nameless One can leave.

If Fhjull is still alive and the Nameless One kills Trias, after leaving Curst a cutscene will show Fhjull celebrating the angel's death and the end of his gaes.


There are many things the Nameless One can take from Fhjull, including items and spells.


Fhjull also has scrolls for the following spells:


  • Evil: taking things from Fhjull.
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