"When placed within an empty eye socket, not only does the fiendish eye grant the wearer a trace of Kalem'Darr's fiendish immunities, it also grants the wearer a bonus to their dealings with others, allowing them to thread their way through a conversation and take what they need. Still, the blinding array of opportunities the eye presents to the wearer blinds him to the opportunities he does take, reducing how much he learns from his experiences."

The Fiendish Eye of Kalem'Darr is an item in Planescape: Torment.


Effects while equipped:

  • +2 charisma
  • +5% resistance to fire
  • +5% resistance to magical fire
  • +5% resistance to gas attacks
  • +5% resistance to cold
  • +5% resistance to magical cold
  • -1 wisdom


Looted from Ravel Puzzlewell after she has been defeated in her maze.


The in-game description of this eye tells the interesting tale of its origin:

Kalem'Darr was a fiend who ran many successful businesses across the Multiverse. A member of the Fated, he would sometimes dabble in debt-collecting. On one such occasion, one of Kalem's debtors proposed an interesting payment: in lieu of coin, the hedge-wizard would enchant Kalem's eye, enabling him to see every opportunity available to him. Kalem agreed, and his eye was "blessed."

Perhaps just as the wizard intended, the spell worked far too well. Kalem saw opportunities everywhere – many he could never take advantage of, and many he could not see how to take advantage of. At every turn he fumbled, until one by one his businesses failed. Eventually, he found himself at the mercy of other debt collectors.

It was then that Kalem'Darr forcefully removed the eye. He kept it in a glass cube for a time, until one day the eye simply disappeared. Leaving, some say, as it saw better opportunity elsewhere.

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