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First Castoff concept art

Concept art of the First Castoff

The First Castoff was one of the Changing God's discarded bodies, claiming to be the oldest.

Appearance Edit

The First Castoff was so badly burnt in an encounter with the Sorrow that her regeneration could not restore her. She wore a mask to conceal her disfigurement.[1]

History Edit

After her encounter with the Sorrow, she tracked down her sire, the Changing God, to ask him why the Sorrow was attacking her and the other castoffs and how to stop it. She also wished to acquire a new body, since hers was so badly damaged.[1]

For a time, she traveled with her sire, awaiting his help in growing a new body. But with no body forthcoming and her own starting to decompose, she grew impatient. When she confronted him, demanding he stop procrastinating on her issue, the Changing God refused to transfer her consciousness, handing her embalming fluid instead. This argument snowballed, and when she realized he had been hiding much more from her, turning his back on her instead of trusting her. She demanded his knowledge and soon the battle grew much bigger than her personal struggle, turning into a fight of ideologies, and into a full-scale war, called the Endless Battle, when each side called in allies.[1]

The battle raged on, each side using time-warping numenera, attempting to gain the advantage on the other. But one day, the First Castoff died, which wouldn't have been an issue with the time-warping devices at their disposal. But that day, her lieutenant, Paj Rekken, snapped realities back together to maintain their victory in the battle against the Sand Knights, not knowing it would destroy the First Castoff for good.[1]

Near the end of the game it is revealed that the Blooms current Memovira is actually the First in disguise, she worked for the previous Memovira, currently known as the ghostly figure Walks-Without-Fear, alongside Matkina before betraying the previous Memovira and taking the position for herself, she is now hiding in her fortress as her term as Memovira is coming to an end means The Bloom is trying to devour her.

The Frictionless Merecaster you find after rescuing Mazzof reveals she was responsible for letting The Sorrow into Miel Avest in an attempt to kill you and foil the Changing Gods plans, sacrificing the lives of many castoffs in the process.

References Edit

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