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Flawed Simulacrum is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera involving a man's levy that has been stalking him.

Acquisition Edit

This quest can be acquired by speaking to Finzin, a man in Cliff's Edge at the base of the stairs leading to Caravanserai. The levy that was created from his donated year of life has been following him around, and he is worried it might want to harm him. Levies usually aren't aware of the person they were created from, and this one isn't smiling like all the others. He asks that the Last Castoff go speak to it, and figure out what it wants from him.

Walkthrough Edit

The Tormented Levy is very distressed and traumatized by the particular year that it is made from. It speaks of Finzin setting a fire while pursued by levies after a 'manor job', and is wracked with guilt, shame and visions of horrific suffering. It wishes Finzin would give it a better year, to end his torment.

When Finzin hears of this, he explains that he used to be a criminal, but changed his ways right after becoming a citizen and giving the levy his year. The levy is experiencing what would have happened had Finzin gone through with the manor job. Two paths open up: Telling the Captain of the Levies about the problematic levy, or convincing Finzin to give the levy another year.

Option 1: Telling the Captain of the Levies Edit

Sygin. the Captain of the Levies in Government Square can be informed of the flawed levy, and will send a squad to take it away and have it destroyed. Finzin will be overjoyed at this and reward 40 XP, Sprayflesh, and 20 shins.

Option 2: Giving another year to the levy Edit

Finzin can be persuaded to give another of his years of life to the levy, through an intellect task aided by the persuasion skill.

Min of Tan Liang in the Order of Truth knows how to make a device that will transfer another year to the levy. He offers to make it for 125 shins. Otherwise, the Last Castoff can figure out how to make it at the worktable near the levy machine behind him. Figuring out how the machine works is an intellect task aided by the Lore: Machinery skill. Examining the machine and recovering a memory through Anamnesis first decreases the difficulty of this tremendously (and grants 2 XP). Actually making the cypher is another intellect task aided by the Craft: Machinery skill. Succeeding at this grants 4 XP and the Chronal Transference Device.

Returning to Finzin and taking care of the levy grants 40 XP, Sprayflesh and 20 shins.

*** I discovered a third option. After speaking with Finzin and the levy, instead of running off to do options 1 or 2, you can simply talk to the levy again and use tidal surge to remove his memory, he then starts acting like a normal levy. Talk to Finzin and you get 40 XP and 2 sprayflesh. If someones wants to confirm this method then erase all this and make it look pretty that would be great.

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