The Fortress of Regrets is a place in the Negative Material Plane that is somehow cut off from the rest of the Planes. It was brought into being by the overwhelming regret felt by the Original Incarnation.

The fortress can be reached through a portal located on the second floor of the Mortuary. There is no returning to Sigil after passing through it and the Nameless One and his companions will be separated upon arriving. Prepare accordingly: remove important items from companion inventories and rest to memorize spells if playing as a mage.

There are a few key items that are worth bringing:

Within the fortress, the Nameless One can only die so many times – once for each companion that was brought along. Be sure to bring any healing items that might be needed.

Fortress entranceEdit

In order to open the portal, a section of the Nameless One's flesh has to be torn off and inscribed with the word "Regret." A specific regret must be chosen to focus on, and the portal will open (250,000 XP).

Fortress of regrets entrance map

Fortress of Regrets entrance map (Click to enlarge)

Once through the portal, head right and follow the path to find Deionarra (X=3960, Y=2100). If Deionarra's Wedding Ring is in the Nameless One's inventory, it can be upgraded. After speaking to her, follow the path back and head through the fortress entrance.

Fortress interior Edit

The fortress interior is comprised of seven rooms connected by stairways. There appear to be no functional exits, and the area is filled with shadows. The number encountered corresponds with the number of times the Nameless One has died in the game and increases at 5, 10, and 15 deaths. Each shadow killed grants 10,000 XP.

Fortress of regrets main hall map

Fortress of Regrets interior man hall map (Click to enlarge)

A portal leading out of this area can be opened after interacting with four "Ancient War Machines" structures in the area. It doesn't matter what order this is done in, only that all four are activated (use the L key to see coordinates):

  • There is one in the smallest center room (X=1755, Y=1800).
  • One is in the lowest medium-sized room (X=4460, Y=2720).
  • There's one in the upper-right medium-sized room (X=3745, Y=665).
  • Another is in the large main room (X=2925, Y=1990).

After dealing with each of them, a portal opens in the top-right medium-sized room (X=3460, Y=450).

Trial of ImpulseEdit

The previous portal leads here. If Ignus or Vhailor were brought to the fortress, one of them may have to be killed here. Killing either of them grants 32,000 XP.

Vhailor will be fought if the Nameless One is Evil, otherwise Ignus will be fought here.

Fortress of regrets tiral of impulse map

Fortress of Regrets Trial of Impulse map (Click to enlarge)

Behind the fourth statue in the circle there is a Sounding Stone with a message left behind by the Practical Incarnation (x=1175, y=940).

Near the first statue there is some loot (x=454, y=1260):

Touch the crystal in the center to exit the area.

Maze of ReflectionsEdit

Meet and talk to three previous incarnations of the Nameless One. They will need to be merged with to absorb their power and knowledge.

Fortress of regrets maze of reflections map

Fortress of Regrets Maze of Reflections map (Click to enlarge)

The Practical IncarnationEdit

Lying to the Practical Incarnation about not having the Bronze Sphere is worth 96,000 XP. This is only possible if the Nameless One has the sphere in his possession and admits to the Practical Incarnation that he was the one who found it for Pharod.

The Practical Incarnation will only join the Nameless One if he is overpowered and forced (requires 21+ intelligence/wisdom; grants +1 intelligence, +1 wisdom, and 96,000 XP). Otherwise, he will have to be killed (12,000 XP).

Surrendering your will to the Practical Incarnation results in a game over.

The Paranoid IncarnationEdit

In order to peacefully integrate with the Paranoid Incarnation, it's necessary to have learned the Uyo language or to have 16+ intelligence. He will have to be convinced it will be okay to allow the joining (grants +1 strength, +1 constitution, and 64,000 XP).

Alternatively, if the Nameless One has killed anyone in the course of the game by strangling them, the Paranoid Incarnation can be choked. With 21+ strength, the Paranoid Incarnation will give in and merge with the Nameless One.

If the Nameless One insults the difficulty of the previously-encountered sensory stone trap set up by the Paranoid Incarnation, he will tear off his arm and initiate combat. Killing him grants 12,000 XP.

The Good IncarnationEdit

Before merging with the Good Incarnation, it is possible to discover that he is actually the original man who became immortal (96,000 XP, requires 17+ intelligence). There is no trick to joining with him – he wants to help and will allow the Nameless One to overtake him (grants permanent +1 wisdom and 32,000 XP). There is no XP granted for killing the Good Incarnation.

Now would be a good time to "use" the Bronze Sphere (2,000,000 XP and the Symbol of Torment).

After merging with or killing the Incarnations, speak to Deionarra. She will help the Nameless One leave the area.

Fortress RoofEdit

Fortress of regrets roof map

Fortress of Regrets Maze of Reflections map (Click to enlarge)

Any companions brought along will now be found dead on the roof (except for Morte, who is merely pretending to be dead). At the end of the roof is the Transcendent One – the Nameless One's severed mortality.

There are many different paths the conversation can take, but ultimately there are three different endings:

  • The Transcendent One can be convinced to merge with the Nameless One. This requires either 24+ wisdom, 24+ charisma, having learned the Nameless One's true name by using the Bronze Sphere, or having the Nameless One threaten to kill himself by using the Blade of the Immortal.
  • The Nameless One can kill himself using the Blade of the Immortal. Alternatively, he can will himself out of existence (24+ wisdom required).
  • The Transcendent One can be fought and killed. Before, one of the Nameless One's dead companions can be raised to fight alongside him. If Dak'kon or Vhailor is chosen, their stats will increase under the right condition:
Note: if the sounding stone was found while in the Trial of Impulse, the Transcendent One can be told about shadows leaving the fortress. He will leave to see for himself, giving the Nameless One enough time to raise all companions instead of only one.


  • Good: opening the portal by regretting something bad that happened.
  • Good: after learning that the Practical Incarnation willingly sacrificed Deionarra, saying she didn't have to die.
  • Good, Lawful: telling Deionarra the truth about why she died.
  • Evil: opening the portal by regretting not doing more bad things.
  • Evil: after learning that the Practical Incarnation willingly sacrificed Deionarra, agreeing that it was necessary.

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