Gaerien's Dead Looter Booty is a general store in the Weeping Stone Catacombs, Dead Nations.

Store Characteristics Edit

See Store (PS:T) for more information on markups and steal failure.

This store allows the buying and selling of items. The Nameless One can also attempt stealing.

  • Sell Markup: 120%
  • Buy Markup: 80%
  • Steal failure: 35%

Items for Sale Edit

Item Type Stock
Adder's Tear Charm 1
Antler Axe Axe 1
Bandages Charm Unlimited
Blood Charm Charm Unlimited
Blood Fly Charm Charm 1
Bone Charm Charm 1
Bone Dagger Dagger 1
Charm of Infinite Recall Charm 3
Clot Charm Charm 1
Corpse Fly Charm Charm Unlimited
Cranium Rat Charm Charm 2
Dirty Rat Charm Charm 1
Enchanted Battle Axe Axe 1
Enchanted Punch Daggers Fist 1
Green Steel Dagger Dagger 1
Hammer of Quality Hammer 1
Heart Charm Charm 1
High Quality Stiletto Dagger 1
Jagged Knife Dagger 1
Needle and Thread Charm Unlimited
Poor Quality Sledgehammer Hammer 1
Scroll of Blood Bridge Scroll 1
Scroll of Elysium's Tears Scroll 1
Scroll of Ice Knife Scroll 1
Spiked Knuckles Fist 1

Items willing to Buy Edit

Gaerian is willing to buy the following items:

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