The Gathering Dust Bar is a Dustman hangout in the northeastern portion of the Hive, across from the Mortuary. It serves as a secondary headquarters for the faction, and a recruitment area.

From here, the dustmen also get the people of the Hive to sign their Dead Contracts, giving away the rights to their corpses after their death in exchange for a few sorely needed coppers in life.

The bar is tended by raised zombie workers, and smells of vinegar instead of formaldehyde.

Characters Edit

Notable characters in the bar include:

Map Edit

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Gathering dust bar map

Experience Edit

There are a few ways to gain experience in this area. Further information on quests and conversations are listed on each individual character page.

  • 750 total XP for signing 3 Dead Contracts (250 each) with Mortai, Emoric and Old Coppereyes. Singing with Mortai first can reward up to 100 coppers.
  • 500 XP for giving advice to Sere


  • 2500 XP for finding out where Pharod is getting his bodies for Emoric
  • 1000 XP for clearing out the Mausoleum for Norochj
  • 750 XP for finding the thief pretending to be a Dustman for Norochj, quest given by Emoric in the chain to join the faction.
  • 750 XP for talking Awaiting-Death out of his suicidal tendencies, quest given by Emoric in the chain to join the faction.
  • 2500 XP for joining the Dustmen faction with Emoric, after the two previous quests are completed.

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