"These gauntlets have had many names over the centuries. Some have termed the gauntlets the 'Gauntlets of Hunger'. Other terms have ranged from 'Gloves of Greed', or, among the stupidest, 'the Gnashing Gloves'. The Githzerai called them 'they-which-devour', and believed them to be an artifact fashioned by the slaadi, the intelligent carnivorous frog-like beings that inhabit the plane of Limbo.
The most common name for this item is the "Gauntlets of Teeth". The exact creature from which the bones originate from is unknown. Nonetheless, when the nature of the gloves is revealed, their power awakens as soon as they are used in combat. When the user punches an enemy, the bone exteriors of the gloves peel back to reveal several rows of teeth. These teeth sink greedily into the foe's body. These teeth are not jagged -- they are mostly wide and blunt, but they clamp onto a target with the strength of a giant, doing additional crushing damage when punching an opponent."

Stats Edit

The Gauntlets of the Teeth require Fist proficiency, which The Nameless One starts with. It is only usable by Fighters and Thieves.

This weapon is cursed, but it can be removed by the 4th level spell Remove Curse.

  • Damage: + 3-8 Slashing, + 1-2 Crushing
  • Enchanted: +1 (as with all magical enchantments, this affects both damage and chance to hit)
  • THAC0: +2
  • Speed: 1

Acquisition Edit

This punch dagger can be given to TNO by Marta in the Buried Village, if he lies and says he is the person she has been waiting for.

It is necessary to lie to Marta to accept delivery of the package that her addled mind believes was meant for you. This removes the dialogue option of trading with her, and therefore, of buying the Teeth of the Viper weapon for Morte.

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