Giltspur, also known as Giltspur the Auctioneer, runs Giltspur's Auction Block which sells various items, offers rooms for rent, and can identify items. He speaks boisterously and rapidly, energetically moving from one sale to the next. Giltspur admires the Godsmen and sees the Great Foundry as a place where all can test their mettle. His brother is Deran, the auctioneer at the slave auction block.

Quests Edit

If The Nameless One asks Giltspur for work, he can complete the following quests:

Print Handbill Edit

Asking for work prompts Giltspur to give TNO Giltspur's Handbill which TNO must deliver to Scofflaw Penn in the Print Shop (grants 6000 XP & 50 copper coins when TNO returns to Giltspur)

Deliver Message Edit

Completing the first quest immediately prompts Giltspur to give TNO Giltspur's Note which TNO must deliver to Keldor in the Great Foundry (grants 6000 XP & 100 copper coins)

Note: This is one opportunity for TNO to enter the Great Foundry

Deliver Handbill Edit

Lastly, Giltspur asks TNO to deliver a printed handbill to Barkis at the Smoldering Corpse Bar (grants 8000 XP & 200 copper coins).

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