"A small bottle labeled as 'Gorgon Salve.' Smeared onto the surface of any being turned to stone, it will revert them to flesh."

Gorgon Salve is a miscellaneous item in Planescape: Torment.


Within the Art and Curio Galleria is a peculiar statue – the Gangroighydon. The salve can be used on it to revive the petrified man (4,000 XP). Beforehand, a Godsmen Forge Hammer can be used on the statue to obtain Mad Splinter (4,000 XP). Upon being turned to flesh, the Gangroighydon will finish uttering a curse he was prevented from completing when he was frozen as stone. This will kill the Nameless One. If Morte is present at the time, it will improve his "Taunts" ability.


Can be purchased from Vrischika's Curiosity Shoppe for 100 coppers.

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