The Great Foundry is the headquarters of the Godsmen faction in Sigil's Lower Ward. The Nameless One can enter the Foundry through the Lower Ward entrance by speaking with a guard, provided he has a legitimate reason to enter.

Inhabitants Edit

Main hall:

Godsmen hall:

Godsmen quarters:

Maps Edit

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Main Hall
Great foundrymain hall map
Godsmen Hall
Great foundry godsmen halll map

Fixpack Edit

Qwinn's Fixpack makes a major change to the alarm mechanic of the Foundry.

From Qwinn:

"Per the request of Colin McComb, original designer of the Foundry, my Fixpack makes some important changes to aggro within the Foundry. The Foundry always had two "alarm" levels, but they didn't work as intended. If you were to activate either alarm level, the entire Foundry would go permanently uncooperative or even hostile. It now works as intended: the first alarm level, which is set by annoying certain people within the Foundry, will cause people to stop cooperating with you and they will just tell you to leave. Leave the Foundry and come back in to make them cooperative again. The second Alarm level is more serious. It can happen if you directly threaten, or actually attack, a Godsman. You will actually have to leave the Foundry for at least 2 game days to get the Godsmen to cooperate again. That is, unless, you actually -killed- a Godsman in cold blood. Don't expect forgiveness for that, ever."[1]

References Edit

  1. A note added by Qwinn to Dan Simpson's Planescape: Torment walkthrough

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