Guardian Mantle is a 7th Level Mage Spell that deflects physical attacks for the duration of the spell.

"All physical hostile attacks can be done away with."

Effects Edit

This spell creates a magical blanket of energy that envelops the caster's body and deflects all physical attacks for 50 seconds + 5 seconds per level of the caster. All attackers must make a successful saving throw vs. spell at -4 penalty in order to break through, otherwise their attacks are thwarted by the mantle. In addition, while the spell is active, the caster can still attack or use magic. This spell cancels all other protective effects while the spell is active.

Acquisition Edit

Scroll of Guardian Mantle was supposed to teach characters this spell. However it was removed from the game prior to release, making it impossible for player-controlled characters to cast it.

In Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition however, the scroll is given by the hermit in Curst Underground.

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