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Sketch of the Gullet by Daniel Kim

Sketch of an area of the Gullet by Daniel Kim

The Gullet is an area within the creature-city of the Bloom.

Structure and function Edit

The Gullet is where everything devoured by the Bloom's maws rests, slowly being digested by the creature. There is a unique ecosystem down there, where strange creatures live and thrive on scraps of the Bloom's appetite: unlucky victims spending their final days in agony. The minds and memories of those devoured linger in the Gullet, as do long-lost artifacts and machines strewn about, half-digested.[1]

Beyond the screams of the victims can be heard an incessant booming heartbeat.[1]

The only way out of the Gullet is down into further depths.[1]

Notes Edit

The Gullet was not originally intended to be added to Torment: Tides of Numenera, but the Stretch Goal was reached by crowdfunding on the 28th of October, 2014.[2]

References Edit

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