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The Hive is a ward of the city of Sigil, and the first area in Planescape: Torment. Mostly comprised of slums and fallen to disrepair, the sector is home to the city's poor and destitute, forging a living as thugs, harlots or collectors.

The rest of the city's inhabitants give the Hive a wide berth.


The Lady of Pain's dabus rarely, if ever, visit the Hive. As a result of their neglect, it has fallen to disrepair. Crumbling buildings and shanties are a common sight, and, because of the lack of space, new structures are built on top of the old, looking as though they are on the verge of collapse.

Brackish pools of nondescript water litter the forsaken streets, and an ever-present stench fills the air.


The Hive can be divided into several areas open for exploration in Planescape: Torment:


The downtrodden, the destitute and the desperate call the Hive home. With virtually no opportunities to increase their social standing, the Hivers turn to prostitution and crime to earn enough to scrape by a living.

Life is hard in this ward, and full of despair. The sheer poverty and hopelessness makes the people selfish, uncaring of others' well being. Picked pockets, muggings, even murders are commonplace.


The Dustmen

The Hive is a perfect place for the Dustmen to set up their headquarters. The Mortuary, which deals with the dead, is in the ideal location to have their poorly payed collectors gather bodies, which are in plentiful supply in this ward thanks to the plethora of murders, gang fights gone wrong, diseases, etc.

Not to mention that the surrounding population is desperate enough to sell their bodies to be resurrected upon their deaths for a few coppers, bolstering the Dustmen's zombie workforce.

Their philosophy that claims that life has no meaning and tat the only release is the True Death also has a good chance of appealing to the weary inhabitants of the Hive.

The Xaositects

Similarly, the Chaosmen feel right at home in the Hive, free to do as their whim dictates, without any form of law inforcement to stop them from barking at the top of their lungs in the middle of the street, scribbling gibberish all over walls or any of their other impulsive, chaotic activities.

It is also good recruitment grounds for them: getting drunken sods on the edge of madness to join their ranks is much easier to achieve than proper upper-class ladies.

The Hive
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