Iannis is an advocate of Sigil. He lives and works in his house in the Clerk's Ward, helping citizens deal with matters of the law by providing legal counsel. One of his chief duties is that of arranging legacies, or wills.

Plagued by his daughter's death and a recent fire, Iannis is not in the best of spirits. The Nameless One can reveal to Iannis that he was the man Deionarra had died traveling with. This unlocks an additional tale from Yves.

Quest InvolvementEdit


  • The Nameless One can confess he is responsible for Deionarra's death (12,000 XP). If Iannis is harshly told it was necessary for his daughter to die, he becomes angry. It is then possible to snap his neck and kill him (13+ dexterity required, 15 XP granted). If requirements aren't met Iannis jumps away and calls the guards. If Vhailor is present he prevents Iannis from being hurt and attacks the Nameless One.
  • The Nameless One can admit it was possibly him that set the recent fire. There are three different XP amounts that can be granted for this, depending on dialogue chosen: 4,000 XP if Iannis is told the truth and asked for forgiveness; 2,500 XP if the Nameless One lies about *why* he did it but still asks forgiveness; 1,000 XP if the Nameless One explains he did it but doesn't take responsibility because he had no control over it.


  • Lawful, Good: asking if the Nameless One owes Iannis anything in exchange for information on Dead Contract legality.
  • Good: asking if there's anything that can be done to help Iannis after seeing that he isn't all right.
  • Lawful: vowing to tell Iannis anything learned about what happened to Deionarra.
  • Chaotic, Evil: lying to Iannis when agreeing to tell him anything learned about Deionarra.
  • Lawful, Good: truthfully taking responsibility for murdering Deionarra.
  • Chaotic, Good: telling Iannis the "half-truth" that Deionarra died because she was betrayed.
  • Chaotic: lying to Iannis by telling him that Deionarra died of sickness.
  • Evil: after taking responsibility for Deionarra's death, telling Iannis it was not terrible, but *necessary.*
  • Chaotic, Evil: killing Iannis by breaking his neck (or even attempting to kill him, regardless of success).
  • Lawful: promising to try and see that Deionarra is allowed an end to her suffering as a spirit.
  • Good: freely sharing Deionarra's legacy with Iannis.
  • Evil: keeping Deionarra's legacy private from Iannis.
  • Good: persuading Splinter to allow Iannis access to his daughter's sensory stone.
  • Lawful, Good: helping Iannis access to his daughter's sensory stone while acknowledging that it might be against Sensate rules.
  • Evil: demanding a reward for speaking to Splinter on Iannis' behalf.
  • Good: explaining that the fire happened because of the Nameless One's mental state and loss of self. ([Truth] option, but does not influence lawful alignment.)
  • Chaotic: lying that the Nameless One was forced to set the fire because of "magical compulsion."
  • Good: asking forgiveness for setting the fire.
  • Lawful, Good: asking forgiveness for the fire while also wishing to make amends for Iannis' losses.
  • Lawful: truthfully telling Iannis that he seems familiar (this may be possible if Iannis has been met but not really spoken to; this can be said after coming to speak to him again later).
  • Chaotic: lying to Iannis that the Nameless One "[doesn't] believe [they've] ever met" before (possible under the same circumstances as the previous option listed).
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