A plaything of the Planes, Ingress has been mutilated by her failed attempts to return to her home through the many portals in Sigil. For thirty years, she has been living in the Mortuary Area of the Hive, unwilling to step through a doorway for fear of accidentally stepping through a portal again.


Ingress can be found running wildly around the Memorial, northwest of the Mortuary entrance (X=500, Y=1200). The less seriously affected but still Planes-touched Candrian Illborne, who can be found at the Smoldering Corpse Bar, will be able to get her home.


Aside from the satisfaction of relieving Ingress' misery, there are two rewards for quest completion:

  • Ingress' Teeth: as they were given her by one of her misadventures, she will not miss them. The Teeth are a weapon for Morte that grows stronger with Morte's level.
  • 750 XP upon returning to Candrian.