Inner Curst is an area in the center of the gate town of Curst in Planescape: Torment 's Outlands. Here lays the portal to the hellish plane of Carceri

Inhabitants Edit

Sub-areas Edit

  • Kester the Distiller's Apothecary (X=2530 Y=2580)
  • Warehouse (X=3820 Y=1550) - Contains lootable items, see below.

Exits Edit

Map Edit

To view X, Y coordinates in-game, press L.

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Curst inner map

Items Edit

Crate (X=2370 Y=650)

Crate (X=2880 Y=1700)

Crate (X=3170 Y=1500)

Crate (X=3480 Y=1760)

Crate (X=3200 Y=2090)

Barrel on a wagon (X=1830 Y=3100)

Chest (X=910 Y=2860)

In the warehouse, crate (X=980 Y=260)

Walkthrough Edit

"Chief, watch your back here, okay? This place is filled with backstabbers." - Morte
  • Kiri - Harlot, dressed like all the other females on the outdoor maps (except Roberta, Jasilya and Siabha), only in brown. Near 800, 1500 (10 on the map). Kiri is too good at her job, and the other Harlots eliminated their competition. She no longer has any compunctions against killing, even when The Nameless One tells her that Roberta despises Harlots, but accomplishing the hit gains only 2000 XP and 500 copper, and requires a couple of trips back and forth between zones. Turning either or both of them in gets no reward, either. There are journal entries for killing and not killing the husband, both
  • Jasilya, surrounded by Skatch (61 HP) and five other Harmonium Officers (each 60 HP). Jasilya is at 3020, 1140 (5 on the map picture), but walks to and disappears at the entrance to the #Home once she is freed, then appears later in the Traitor's Gate Tavern.
  • An'izius, Githyanki 775, 740 (11 on the map). Back and forth between An'izius and Siabha then to Captain of the Guard, then return to Dallan in the Traitor's Gate Tavern. If fingering An'izius or both, do not go back to Curst Underground from Curst Prison, as this activates a bug later in the fallen version of Curst. Should the player decide to report either or both of them to the Guards, they will later be in Curst Prison, and as with Roberta, are vengeful.
  • Siabha 1670, 550 (12 on the map). Just outside the doors of the #Curst Administration building, the interior of which is inaccessible
  • Captain of the Guard at the gate to #Curst at 3150, 2340 (2 on the map)
  • Wernet, leader of the Thug gang, 2070, 3140 (7 on the map)

Container loot, from south to north:
(Using the L key to show location is arguably as easy, and in this case, more accurate, as the map only shows three containers)

Distillery Edit

At 6 on the map

Charms, in infinite supply:
Adder's Tear, Blood Charm, Blood Fly Charm, Bone Charm, Corpse Fly Charm, Charcoal Charm, Charm of Infinite Recall, Clot Charm, Cockroach Charm, Corpse Fly Charm, Cranium Rat Charm, Heart Charm, Knot Charm, Thrice-Blind Charm
Scrolls and charms, one only:
Dirty Rat Charm, Scroll of Blood Bridge, Scroll of Cone of Cold, Scroll of Ice Knife, Scroll of Remove Curse

Kester will raise his prices if TNO gives the entire inheritance to Crumplepunch, or if TNO splits the inheritance between the brothers. He will only give a discount if TNO gives the entire inheritance to him

Warehouse Edit

At 4 on the map

Devore, Warehouse Workers
If TNO is in the Anarchist faction, Grimscalp the skull in the Wrecked House in the Lower Ward (where Morte was imprisoned, or perhaps one could say shelved) will tell of a secret stash in Curst. TNO must have heard of it, but may or may not need to still be in the Anarchist faction, to get the stash's contents from Devore, the warehouse manager in Curst. The Spiked Gauntlets of Ogre Power, 250 copper and 1000 XP.

Curst Barracks Edit

At 9 on the map. Boxes to search

Curst Administration Edit

Unable to enter on this visit to Curst, but Siabha is just outside the doors

Home Edit

West of 5 on the map. Jasilya vanishes at the entrance here after being freed, and reappears later in the Tavern. There are a few containers in here, but they are empty

"Plane: Concordant Opposition. Location: Gate Town, Curst." - Nordom
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