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Intelligence, abbreviated as Int, is a character attribute in Planescape: Torment.

Effects Edit

While having no combat effects, intelligence is most useful for mages, as it increases the number of spells they can memorize, as well as increasing their chance of learning a spell successfully. It increases the character's Lore skill and also affects many dialogue options if it is high enough (15+).

Permanent Gains Edit

Aside from increasing Intelligence with character points acquired at level up, The Nameless One has some opportunities throughout the game to increase his intelligence permanently:

That makes the maximum permanent gain to intelligence possible +7, +4 without specializations, and +2 without the Ancient Scroll.

Equipment Bonuses Edit

Some tattoos grant a bonus to intelligence while equipped:

Some accessories can also grant a bonus to intelligence while equipped:

And some weapons:

With respect to the Seventh and Eighth Circle of Zerthimon: Obviously one would have to wait for Nordom to join the party (and get back to Fell's and buy it). Once used and the Seal is accessed, one might need to wait for the Wisdom bonus to wear off before telling Dak'kon of the importance of the Eighth Seal to get the scrolls (although most of the game guides recommend maxing Wisdom for the Experience point benefits).

Equipment Penalties Edit

Some items actually lower intelligence:

Temporary Buffs Edit

These items grant a temporary buff to intelligence. They are consumed upon use.

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