Karina is located in the open air marketplace in the Lower Ward. She likes to talk to strangers which seems to make others avoid her in the suspicious environment of Sigil.

Conversation Edit

If TNO converses with her, asking for information about where to buy weapons and magical items, he'll have a dialogue option to point out how much Karina likes to talk. If TNO is kind to her, telling her she's not a bad person and that he likes her, he'll earn 2000 XP. Being unkind doesn't award XP, but you can still talk to her again and be kind.

If you sent Corvus to her, she'll thank you next time you speak to her (+500 XP)

Alignment Edit

When she says people tend to avoid her and she gets lonely:

  • Chaotic: Answering Karina "Well, I can understand why."
  • Good: Answering she's not a bad person.

After being kind to her:

  • Chaotic: Tell Karina your name is Adahn.
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