Keldor, also known as Keldor of Durian, is the main recruiter for the Godsmen and can be found in the Great Foundry, in the Lower Ward.

His store is available to members of the Godsmen faction.

Quest Edit

The Nameless One can complete three quests for Keldor to become a Godsman (grants 8000 XP).

Craft an Item Edit

The first quest is to craft an item at the forge from a lump of Iron Ore (grants 8000 XP)

Solve a Murder Edit

The second quest is to solve a murder where Thildon, Saros, and Bedai-Lihn are all suspects (grants 10000 XP)

Help Sandoz Edit

The final quest is to convince Factol Sandoz not to commit suicide (grants 12000 XP). The player still can join the faction even if Sandoz kills himself.

Store Characteristics Edit

See Store (PS:T) for more information on markups.

This store allows the buying and identifying of items, but not the selling. The Nameless One cannot steal items from Keldor.

Items for Sale Edit

Item Type Stock
"Ascension" Axe 1
"Enlightenment" Dagger 1
"Reason" Hammer 1
Scroll of Armor Scroll 5
Scroll of Ax of Torment Scroll 2
Scroll of Blood Bridge Scroll 1
Scroll of Chain Lightning Storm Scroll 2
Scroll of Chromatic Orb Scroll 5
Scroll of Fist of Iron Scroll 2
Scroll of Force Missiles Scroll 2
Scroll of Improved Strength Scroll 3
Scroll of Knock Scroll 2
Scroll of Magic Missile Scroll 3
Scroll of Remove Curse Scroll 2
Scroll of Shield Scroll 3
Scroll of Strength Scroll 3

Cures Available Edit

Rooms Available Edit

  • Noble Room - Free
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