Kesai-Serris is one of the many students of Fall-from-Grace working in the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts. She plays a very important role in helping the Nameless One open the portal that leads to Ravel Puzzlewell.

Quest involvementEdit

Though she does not want to admit it, Kesai-Serris is Ravel Puzzlewell's daughter. This is significant, since the portal to Ravel's maze requires a "piece" of her to open.

In order to enlist Kesai-Serris' help, she must be convinced to provide the Nameless One with a handkerchief stained with her blood. A few things must be done before this can happen.

  • Ecco needs to regain her voice. She reveals that Kesai-Serris is Ravel's daughter.
  • Juliette must be helped with a personal matter. Regardless of the outcome, she will reveal that Kimasxi Adder-Tongue and Kesai-Serris are half-sisters.
  • Kimasxi Adder-Tongue must be asked about all of this. She reveals that her and Kesai share the same father.
  • Kesai-Serris should be told to speak to her father about her parentage. She will, finally accepting the truth that Ravel is her mother.

Plenty of handkerchiefs can be found around the brothel. Kesai-Serris will shed some of her blood onto one and give it back to the Nameless One (40,000 XP). This will serve as the portal key, though the unfolding portal from the Great Foundry will also be needed to access the portal.

An alternative method of retrieving some of Kesai-Serris' blood is to simply kill her. This results in everyone within the brothel becoming hostile, as well as numerous Harmonium guards patrolling the Clerk's Ward outside.

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