Quest reward for Borrowed and Lost

"The kingdom of Malevich is defined by two unfortunate traits, a thirst for conquest and a peculiar type of chasm-related insanity that descends upon every monarch the country has ever had sooner or later.

I am of course, speaking of the Voil Chasm, or Earthwound, the vast rift dividing malevich from their rivals in the Pytharon Empire. Each ruler of Malevich in recorded history has become obsessed with the chasm in one form or another - some have sought to cross or bridge it (with the lofty goal of conquering the neighboring empire). Others have tried to reach the bottom of the glowing wound. All have failed to various catastrophic degrees."

Description Edit

Known Powers etc. is one of the books that can be acquired in return for The Tome of Singing Thorns. It is also a possible reward for Borrowed and Lost.

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