Ku'u Yin is yet another person lost in the Planes. He can be found in the Buried Village and comes from a place where he had a name and a number. Without this name and number, he is dying.

Quest Edit

Ku'u Yin claims that his number was stolen from him by a woman named Radine.

Radine can be found to the southwest (X=1830 Y=2360), though her location varies a little. She can be threatened into surrendering the number, but otherwise refuses to give it back, so TNO must return to Ku'u, who begs for him to find a way to get it back.

Radine then offers to pay Ku'u for it, which he refuses.

Finally, she can be convinced to give the number back. (See Radine for more details.)

Returning to Ku'u with the number grants:

Alignment Edit

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