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Concept art female last castoff

Concept art for a female Last Castoff by Nils Hamm.

The Last Castoff is the protagonist in Torment: Tides of Numenera, the latest in a chain of previous castoffs.

Customization Edit

The player will be able to choose the Last Castoff's:

  • gender
  • type, which is the equivalent of character class: the Glaive, a warrior type, the Nano, a mage type and the Jack, a rogue type)
  • descriptor, an adjective such as "tough", or "mystical" which will grant various bonuses
  • foci, which functions as a sort of specialization.[1]

Background Edit

Player male final w

Concept art for a male Last Castoff by Nils Hamm.

The Last Castoff's body was created and inhabited by the Changing God, a man who discovered how to use numenera in order to cheat death. Little did he know that when his consciousness was transferred to another body, the previous one developed a consciousness of its own. The Last Castoff is the most recent in this string of discarded bodies.[1]

But now the Sorrow, an ancient guardian, perceiving the torment caused by the Changing God seeks to destroy him and his castoffs for the sake of justice.[1]

Special abilities Edit

The Last Castoff will be able to inhabit other castoff's mind for a short time through the Meres.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The ability to choose the Last Castoff's gender was added to the game after reaching the $1.2 million stretch goal during Torment's Kickstarter.[2]

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