"Piyo! Piyo!" —Lim-Lim

Lim-Lims are small insect-like creatures originally found in the Outlands. They are very loyal and friendly, and enjoy being pet.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

One can be purchased from a merchant in the market of the southeast portion of the Hive (X=1760, Y=950).

Use[edit | edit source]

The Lim-Lim can be "talked" to, which allows the Nameless One to pet it, let it run around freely, or attempt to kick it. If it is set down to run and play, it will follow the Nameless One almost like a non-controlled party member, even going so far as to attack hostile enemies. Spells and buffs can be cast on the Lim-Lim, providing it with a stronger attack and defense.

Alternatively, the Lim-Lim can be turned to stone with the help of Marissa.

It is worth noting that taking the Lim-Lim along to the Fortress of Regrets will result in its death.

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