Litany of Curses is one of Morte's special abilities.

"Morte can draw upon his repertoire of insults to taunt an opponent into lowering his guard and attacking. The target suffers penalties to hit and damage when enraged."

Effects Edit

This spell cannot target undead creatures. Magic resistance does not affect this spell. The target does get a saving throw vs. spells to resist the effect, however.

While "taunted," the target:

  • Suffers -2 to hit, -2 to AC, and a -2 to damage;
  • Is forced to attack Morte with their fists.

Acquisition Edit

The Litany of Curses is innate to Morte.

New Taunts Edit

"New taunts, all right!" —Morte

When Morte learns "New taunts!", he is actually getting a +1 bonus to his Litany of Curses (lowering his enemy's chance to save by 1).[1]

The accumulation of taunts is separate to the actual taunt abilities that Morte acquires when leveling up.

Listed here are some ways Morte can improve his Litany of Curses:

List of taunts:

  • "You filthy stinkards."
  • "Imbecile!"
  • "You father of trolls!"
  • "You poxy bastard."
  • "Stupid yabbo!"
  • "You dog's body!"
  • "Slattern!"
  • "Your sheer ugliness stabs pain into my eyes."
  • "You've got a face only a sledgehammer could love... And HAS!"
  • "Your face is just begging to be kicked."
  • "What a perfectly good waste of arms and legs."
  • "Pike that!"
  • "Filthy sod."
  • "Flies wouldn't even rest on your carcass."
  • "Ugh, you alley bred dog!"
  • "Plane swine!"
  • "You leatherhead."
  • "Prime scum."
  • "She has the personality of a patch of razorvine, and twice as ugly."
  • "You blathering idiot!"
  • "Choke on a bone, you witless ape!"
  • "Aw, squit." (Inaudible. Replaced with "Even fifty swigs of brandy wouldn't make you look good." in Fixpack 4.0)
  • "I am *not* taunting that, no way." Only used against enemies that are substantially more powerful than Morte, depending on his level (Replaced with "You know, if I gotta slam my eyeballs against you one more second I'm gonna puke." in Fixpack 4.0)

References Edit

  1. According to Chris Avellone, compiled at the Spellhold Studios forum.
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