"I am something of a connoisseur." —Lothar

Lothar, the Master of Skulls, is a very powerful mage who resides in the Lower Ward. He has a large collection of skulls that he uses his magic to raise in order to speak to. This gives him a great deal of knowledge he would not otherwise have; as a result, he can answer a few rather important questions for the Nameless One regarding his immortality, his memories, and the nighthag Ravel Puzzlewell.

Quest involvementEdit

After entering the Lower Ward (for the first time?), Morte is skull-napped and taken to Lothar. Morte can only be freed if another suitable skull is traded to Lothar for him.

Only the skulls from a few people are acceptable:

Under different circumstances (need to be verified what circumstances), Lothar will task the Nameless One with the retrieval of the skull that he believes is locked away in a tomb within the Drowned Nations. The tomb he refers to once belonged to the Nameless One himself, and there is no skull from it that can be given to Lothar.


Lothar can be asked to provide magical services. See Bones of the Night (Shop) for more information.

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