Magic Missile is a 1st Level Mage Spell that hurls missiles towards enemies.

"This spell shapes arcane energies into unerring missiles. The greater your skill, the more missiles you can hurl from your body."

Effects Edit

The spell summons a magical missile that strikes its target unerringly for 2-5 pts. of damage with no saving throw possible. In addition, the caster gains 1 extra missile every 2 levels, for a total of 5 missiles at level 9.

Acquisition Edit

This spell can be learnt from a Scroll of Magic Missile, which can be found:

Or bought from:

Shop Location Stock Markup
Cinder's Magic Shoppe Lower Ward 1 120%
Keldor Great Foundry 3 100%
Lady Thorncombe Civic Festhall Unlimited 140%
Old Mebbeth Ragpicker's Square 1 120%
Quell's Spells Civic Festhall 1 150%

Magic Missile Wands Edit

Wands can be used by mages to cast this spell without having it memorized or learnt:

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