Mantuok is a wererat in the Warrens of Thought. When the party first enters the area, he is quick to confront them.

Conversation Edit

There are three ways this conversation can go:

  • It can result in a fight if TNO treats the wererat with hostility.
  • It can result in imprisonment if Mantuok gets the impression that TNO just stumbled into the area by accident (see Warrens of Thought#Escaping imprisonment).
  • It can result in Mantuok bringing TNO to see his leader, Many-as-One, if TNO says he comes from the Buried Village and needs to speak to Many-as-One personally (mentioning Soego in the Dead Nations if TNO has discovered his secret).


  • If killed, the Skull of Mantuok and the Grimoire of Pestilential Thought can be taken from his corpse.
  • Mantuok can be given poisoned cheese, which will kill him. This grants 5,000 XP and causes the rest of the wererats to become hostile. After Mantuok's death, his skull can be given to Lothar. (You cannot poison him anymore if Lothar has been given any skull)


  • Chaotic, Evil: telling Mantuok the truth about the Silent King. (+2,000 XP)
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