Many-as-One is the collective mind of thousands of Cranium Rats. It dwells in the Warrens of Thought, leading the rats there, especially in their war against the Dead Nations.

The Nameless One and his party can be taken to Many-as-One by Mantuok, or find the entrance himself. Many-as-One will not be as amiable if TNO kills rats in the Warrens.

Quest and conversation Edit

Telling the rat collective that TNO has stumbled into its lair by mistake angers Many-as-One, resulting in it attacking with a dozen cranium Rats. The conversation resumes after beating them, but Many-as-One will be less amiable because of the killing of its own kind.

It asks why the Nameless One has come here, and with 14+ intelligence, TNO can wonder why it don't know something like that when they are supposed to be able to read minds. A little test follows, and thinking of anyone other than the Silent King will prove Many-as-One wrong.

Many-as-One then wants TNO to prove it can trust him, and asks TNO to infiltrate and kill its rival, the Silent King.

Once TNO has learnt the Silent King's secret, he can return to Many-as-One.


The reward for either telling the truth or bluffing is 7500 XP.

The Nameless One can get a bonus reward and a memory, if the following conditions are true:

  • Not having killed too many Cranium Rats in the Warrens
  • Not bluffing by saying the Silent King is too powerful
  • Not having told Acaste about the Silent King, which makes the ghouls destroy the Dead Nations

With 14+ wisdom, TNO gets 2000 XP for initiating the memory, with 13 or less, he gets 1000 XP.

The recovered memory, and the additional bonus XP it provides, depends on the Nameless One's class:

  • Fighter: 2000 XP
  • Thief: 2000 XP
  • Mage: 2000 XP

Though The Nameless One remembers it a little differently depending on his current class, in all versions the memory is heavily implied to take place in Jangling Hiter, The City of Chains in Minauros, the Third Layer of Baator. During the memory, a previous incarnation of The Nameless One is chased through the city by creatures matching the description of Kytons, or chain devils. After defending against and killing one of them with class-based skills and attacks, the rest of them bind him in a web of chains, prompting The Nameless One to tear himself away from the memory.

No matter what The Nameless One tells Many-as-One of The Silent King, nor the outcome of the conversation, the hive mind will end the exchange by telling The Nameless One to leave and never return or face destruction.

Alignment Edit

  • Evil, Chaotic: Telling Many-as-One about the Silent King if a vow has been made to Hargrimm not to reveal his fate. (Without the vow, no alignment change.)
  • No alignment change for bluffing Many-as-One that the Silent King is too powerful.

Bug Edit

  • Many-as-One's rats still attack after it allows the Nameless One to leave peacefully. This is fixed in Qwinn's Fixpack, but Many-as-One won't be so tolerant if the Nameless One returns.[1]

References Edit

  1. Qwinn's PS:T Fixpack readme, detailing the list of fixes made to the game.
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