Marrow-Friend is a sinister-looking plague-ridden Collector in Ragpicker's Square. He is slightly mad, and cannibalizes corpses before bringing them to the Mortuary.

Conversation Edit

Marrow-Friend immediately assumes the the Nameless One is a deader, and moves to take a bite off him. TNO can take a step back, or let him bite him (deals 1 damage). Letting him bite TNO leads to further conversation. TNO notices a finger hanging from his neck. Asking him about this, leads him to want to gnaw on it. TNO can stop him, and telling him to take a bite of TNO instead, but not before giving TNO the Finger-Bone first grants a ring later.

Once TNO has the finger, he can either let Marrow-Friend take a bite of him (3 damage), or not. This affects alignment, see below.

Using the Finger-Bone from the inventory rewards:

Alignment Edit

  • Chaotic: Lying to Marrow-Friend.
  • Lawful: Telling him TNO will let him bite him, and subsequently letting him.
  • Evil: Telling him TNO will let him bite him, but not letting him later.
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